neri&hu |紫砂茶具系列
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neri&hu |紫砂茶具系列

The ZiSha Tea Project came out of an exploration of different materials for tea vessels. The significance of the ZiSha cup is the purity of the material, which is preserved through its subdued and simple form – an abstraction of the traditional teacup. The collection is offered in 8 different natural colors of ZiSha, deliberately mixed together to offer a visual palette which directs the user to appreciate the material of purple clay as tea connoisseurs appreciate different types of teas – through an appreciation of color, texture, taste, and body.

ZiSha (literally, “purple sand”), was discovered around Lake Tai, in the JiangSu province of China. Aside from the beauty of the natural material, ZiSha is renowned for its capacity to retain heat and prevent oxidation, therefore preserving the flavor of the tea for a longer period. It is also known for its ability to absorb the delicate flavors of the tea – allowing the teapot to become more seasoned with each use. It is said that after years of use, one can brew tea by simply pouring boiling water into an empty teapot.

2009年度设计回顾,美国纽约I.D.杂志紫砂茶具系列, 卓越设计大奖
2009年度德国红点设计大奖, 德国红点设计博物馆紫砂茶具系列, 最佳产品设计奖
2008最佳设计大奖赛,美国芝加哥建筑与设计博物馆紫砂茶具系列, 最佳产品设计奖
2007透视杂志大奖,中国香港透视杂志紫砂茶具系列, 最佳产品设计奖
2006 EDIDA ELLE Deco国际设计大奖,Elle Decoration中文版《家居廊》紫砂茶具系列, 最佳餐具设计奖